eliminating the numbers at the begining of the filename

how can i eliminate the numbers that appear at the beginning of the filename? for example ,, i have filenames as "100 How to win". now i want to remove the number at the beginning and want to get the filename only as"How to win"..thanks in anticipation.have a nice day.

I have no words to express my happiness that i have found the way to do that. for the information of anyone on the forum i am quoting the process.
action-choose -replace with regular expression
regular expression>"^\d\d\d"
replace match with stays empty.

I express my gratitude to the programmer of this soft. have a nice day.

Taking your example string this expression would leave a leading space char.
So you should better use a regular expression like the following which can detect one ore more leading digits followed by one ore more white space characters: "^\d+\s+"


thanks for the suggestions. have a nice day.