Email address change doesn't work


I'm trying to update my email address.

When I enter my new email address and then click the "Change" button I get this response:

"We've sent an email to that address. Please follow the confirmation instructions."

But I never receive the email. I've tried numerous times.

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. "Clueless"


Have you checked the SPAM folder of this e-mail account?


Good idea!

Just checked the "junk" folder in Firefox and the "spam" folder on gmail.

Nothing turned up :o(

Is there a way I can request that a moderator change my email address?


I've written a manual email yesterday to check if it reaches you. So if you're not receiving email for that account, I'm not going to change the email address.

By the way, the email you've provided was not a gmail address. Can you check again?



I was looking in the gmail spam folder instead of the hotmail spam folder. Duh!

I just checked the hotmail spam folder and found your email and all four of the confirmation emails.

I clicked on the link in one of those emails and that logged me in.

So it looks like "Problem Solved!"

Thanks for being so patient with me!

Will in Seattle
a.k.a. "Clueless"

P.S. Just got an email at my old address with the subject:

"[Mp3tag Community] Your email address has been changed"



Please also mark them as "No Junk" and possibly add the sender email address to your address book so that further emails are not treated in the same way.