Email appears in front of the title and interpret

I have a problem when I open the track in mp3 tag then an email appears in front of the title and interpret name how can I remove that at once from 10 tracks
Thank you for help

Try an action of the type "Replace" for TITLE in which you search for the email address in full and replace it with nothing.

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first of all thanks for the help and what do i do if this email is still in tirel and interpreten or i have it in several files thanks a lot for the help

It would be so much nicer if you could give concrete examples, even with screendumps, to show what you want.
What you don't say: are these different email adresses or is it always the same?
Does it follow a pattern?
Is there a separator between the email address and the rest of the data?
Is it really so, that this unwanted piece of information is spread over ARTIST and TITLE at random? How come?
Are we talking about the embedded metadata or the OS property filename?