Embed LRC in FLAC

so I read this

but I'm still not sure so before I do this for a lot of files, I would love some clarification.

I add a tag field called LYRICS. then add the content of the LRC file to it, resp. have mp3tag import the lrc file into it?

the LRC files are from an officially licensed source and paid for. but they look like this:

[00:09.53]Used to heatin' up in the shower, out of her arms
[00:13.08]Now you're always in a rush
[00:14.28]I could be paranoid but I swear, it's up in the air

the first line is the actual first line in the LRC file. no 6 digit ISO code or something. also, the last line is a timecoded line like the ones above, no special code.

I really want to add those LRC files (embed) to the flac files. I hate having sidecar files.

If I add them to the lyrics tag, do I assume correctly, that there might be programs/apps not being able to read them but also, they wont be bothered by them, so just ignoring that tag. and other apps will be able to read the SYNCED lyrics and display them? if they display them and if they display them synced is entirely up to that program or app, right? there's no standard for it?

also, if I add the LRC files that way, would I be able to export them (batch of course) from mp3tag again and then end up with the same LRC files I imported (so if anything goes wrong or another standard solution is found/implemented I could just batch export and re-import those LRC files)?

from what I've read through different forums, everyone seems to be doing it just a bit different and it seems to work most of the time but basically just by coincidence and luck. seeing as Deezer, Tidal, Amazon and Co have started to supply the LRC files too, wouldnt it be nice to have this all solved properly?

any input appreciated!

The time codes in *.lrc files are necessary to display the lyrics as karaoke subtitles. If you want only the text without time codes, then you can do it with a program called Subtitle Editor.
★ As for Mp3Tag, you can batch import or export lrc files by selecting all files or all desired files and clicking Import lyrics or export lyrics in Actions Menu.
★ To have such a menu:

  1. Copy *.mte file into %userprofile%\appdata\roaming\mp3tag\export\
  2. Copy *.mta files into %userprofile%\appdata\roaming\mp3tag\Actions
    Export Cover And Lyrics#Export Lyrics To Filename.LRC.mta (53 Bytes)
    Import Lyrics And Cover#Import LRC From Filename.mta (54 Bytes)
    Import Lyrics And Cover#Import LRC From Folder.mta (92 Bytes)
    lrc.mte (76 Bytes)