Embedded album art - album list

I am using the export file "html_dano album list itunes style.html" which pruduces a very nice list of my albums and tracks.

However, to show the album art it needs to see the album art file (folder.jpg) in the albums folder.

I prefer to have my album art embeded in the file.

I have a workaround. I have an "Action" which will save the album art to the album folder and then I have a freeware advanced delete programme which can remove all of the jpg files with one click so it is quick and easy to do. This is simple but not very neat. Is there a way to modify the above script to show the embeded picture?

I don't think that this is possible.
The HTML output can't access the ID3 tags inside the tracks. Therefore it can't access the embedded cover.

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Thank you for responding, and so quickly too!

html is a black art to me so if it can't be done I will have to live with my workaround. I only need to produce the file when I buy a new CD which does not happen all that often. Probably averages out at about once per month.

Thanks again for your response.

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