Embedded Album Art - MP3TAG and FB2K

I'm having an odd problem with embedded album art. Background: In using the new FB2k 0.9.5b1 (which now has an album art view in its default interface), the embedded album art in my files rarely shows up in FB2K. If I open the files in mp3tag, the cover art is there just fine. It also shows up in itunes. All are mp3 files (mostly lame) with both ID3v1 and ID3v2.3 tags. If I simply remove the art from the file in mp3tag, save it, then re-add the same art file, everything works in fb2k (embedded art is visible in fb2k). The artwork is all *jpg and the size of the jpg file is the same before and after re-adding the file with mp3tag. I thought it might relate to fb2k defaulting to the ID3v1 tags, but removing the ID3v1 tag doesn't solve the problem.

Query: Any clues on what might be different regarding mp3tag and fb2k reading the embedded art.

You can send me one of this files via email.

Currently, fb2k 0.9.5 beta 1 only displays cover art marked as "Front Cover" where the cover art of your files is marked as "Other".

fb2k 0.9.5 beta 2 will also display those covers.

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Aha! Thanks for taking a look at this. I can see now in all these files that the difference in displaying is the picture type of 00-other vs 03-cover (front). I supposed I'd be asking for a method to batch convert lots of files from other to cover, except it seems that the next beta will deal with this automatically and I can wait for that. Thanks again. /gary

I can't seem to figure out how to tell what type of album art I have using mp3tag (e.g., "other" vs "cover(front)". I can see this within, for example, ID3-TagIt, but would prefer to use mp3tag as I use this for everything else. thanks in advance.