Embedded art in mp3

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The resolutions in those posts had no affect on this issue.

Much of my music was ripped from CD with the native Windows XP or Windows 10 music player of the time, configured to fetch art. The music was subsequently re-tagged by MP3TAG but the embedded art was not manipulated.

MP3TAG does not display the album cover art automatically embedded by that ripping process. It does display cover art from songs sourced otherwise. Windows Explorer, VLC and Foobar2000 display the subject files' cover art. Recently I've been deploying an Ampache music server and for completeness it's become necessary to add artist art. MP3TAG handles the process well, the artist-tagged embedded art shows right up where it's supposed to in Ampache and the cover art does too, undisturbed by the new processing. When viewed in MP3TAG Windows ripped and MP3TAG processed mp3s display the artist-tagged thumbnail only. When reading music sourced another way but processed to add artist tagged art by MP3TAG, MP3TAG will display multiple thumbnails exactly as anticipated.

The attached zip has an example mp3, art from the Windows process and the art used to create the artist-tagged art embedded in the example song.

The song attached partially contradicts the above description, these are the results by program:
MP3TAG: Artist displayed, only embedded art listed
Windows Explorer: Newly embedded artist is now the thumbnail
foobar2000: Artist displayed
VLC: Album cover displayed
Ampache: Album cover and artist displayed correctly

winripped_music_and_art_example.zip (1.6 MB)

MP3tag accurately shows any embedded pictures.
Players are not that accurate.
Some players display pictures from the file system.
Some players have their own thumbnail cache and database.
Some player access the internet to get further information.
The example zip file shows not only the MP3 file but several hidden files als well, all showing pictures:

All of these files are files generated by Windows Media Player - which sometimes prefers the file system files over the embedded ones.
So you have a player problem, not a problem with MP3tag.
And probably a workflow problem as you did not embed the pictures the first time.

To get as many pictures embedded in the files, try a filter:
%_covers% MISSING
Then create an action (perhaps quick) "Import cover from file" with
Filename: *.jpg
Filename: folder.jpg
This grabs the named or first jpg file from a folder and embeds it. With a little luck this is the picture that you wanted to be found in the files.

As for the players: you would have to clear the filesystem from marauding picture files and also clear the player's cache.

Did you see colorful album cover art when you viewed it in MP3TAG? Or was it a black and white portrait of the band?

Did MP3TAG indicate there were two embedded photos?

There is one b&w picture of the type Artist.
The hidden files show the colour picture.
So you see the embedded picture and the pictures from the file system in your player.

As soon as I add the file folder.jpg to the file, I see 2 embedded pictures.



This is what I get If I unzip your archive and open the file 07 The Milky Way.mp3 in Mp3tag:
(the right window appears if you press ALT + T on a selected track)

Thanks for the feedback folks. Sometimes you need another pair of eyeballs.

This really helps to define the workflow for this project.

You can close this bug. I misidentified the source of the behavior.