Embedded artwork not visible in iTunes


Hi all,

I have searched the forum, but haven't found any threads that discusses my problem so I start a new one.

I have made an Action for importing artwork looking like this.

Import cover from file "%title%".gif

The reason for this is that I am trying to add individual artwork for each file. It works fine in the beginning. The arwork is visible in Mp3tag when I examine the tag. It is also visible when I play the sounds in Windows Media Player. But the problem is that it is not visible in iTunes, which is what I am looking for.

Does anyone know why it is not visible in iTunes, or have a solution for my problem?

Thank you


Are you writing ID3v2.3 tags? If not, maybe that is the problem.

  1. I am really surprised, that Mp3tag supports graphical format .gif.
  2. Make sure that the graphical format .gif is supported in iTunes.



Thanks for the answers.

I am using the default settings, so writing is enabled for ID3v2, using ID3v2.3 UTF-16.

When I add the pictures with iTunes they are visible for iTunes.

Don't Mp3tag support gif images?
How come then, they are visible when I view the tag in Mp3tag, and in Windows Media Player?


The question was if iTunes supports GIF.


Yes, in the help files for iTunes it says that they support gif.


Mp3tag does not officially support GIF images in the tag, but they can still be embedded with the import cover action.

iTunes does NOT support embedded GIF images. When you embed a GIF image in iTunes, it gets converted to PNG.


Ok, seems like I have to find an other solution. Maybe convert the pictures to PNG or JPG.

Does iTunes support embedded JPG?


I recommend using PNG since JPEG is lossy. PNG also supports custom palettes like GIF does so you won't lose quality.