Embedded cover art not visible

Hi, this is probably a very simple question, so please bare with me.

I have embedded cover art into my music files (mp3, wma, flac) using Mp3tag, and there is one annoying thing about this process.

When I add a picture using the tag panel or the extended tag window, everything works ok, the picture is showing up when added. When I save the changes, the picture is gone!. Strangely enough, this only applies to mp3's. The wma and flac's are showing up correctly.

I know for a fact that the pictures is embedded, because they're showing up in my Slim Server web interface, although not visible in Mp3tag.

Any ideas?

Best regards,

Please check the following options:


What version(s) of ID3 are enabled?

Yes, it must have been the option to read APE that caused it. Disabled and working now, thanks!! :smiley: