Embedded Mp3 Jpeg Format

I having a problem with a few media programs (SageTV) not reading the embedded jpegs in some of my Mp3s.

The only difference I can see between the Mp3s that show album art and those that don't is that in Mp3tag it displays:

The one's that don't show up in sage say:

So it seem the ones that Mp3Tag show as image/jpeg show with SageTV and the others do not. The strange this is that 99% of my Mp3s I've embedded with album art, all using Mp3Tag, show up like this, without the "image/jpeg" comment beside the left side image preview in Mp3Tag. I would like to know why Mp3Tag doesn't show the "image/jpeg" for these Mp3s? I know they must have been jpegs once inserted, unless Mp3tag converted them to png? If it's not an embedded jpeg then what is it?


The problematic ones don't seem to have mimetype information written to the cover art fields.

Have you imported them using Mp3tag? If so, please tell me how.

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Yes I imported the problem cover art originally using Mp3tag. The art was imported doing a copy/paste of the image from Firefox/IE to the left pane in Mp3tag. This was using an older version of Mp3tag and sorry I don't know what the version was.

Wish I could mass update the mime-type for all of these Mp3s (1000s).