Embedding Separate Cover Art into

Hello, everyone. I have a question about embedding cover art into MP3 files. I know how to do this, but I don’t know if it’s possible to automate the process for hundreds of albums.

I did some research, and found this thread:

According to this thread, if I understand it correctly, it is not possible. However, this thread is from 2019. I am hoping this information is outdated, and there is a way to streamline the process.

Here is a sample screen shot of a folder with many albums in it:

Each folder has its own cover art. The cover art files are all named either cover.jpg or folder.jpg.
Is the answer found in the above thread still correct? Or has a way been developed since then to streamline this process? I have approximately 3,000 albums.
Thank you!

If the pictures are already there, then there is hope to automate the process:
Load all the files.
Select the files.
Open an Action (Quick) of the type "Import cover from file"
Filename: folder.jpg

This will import the file folder.jpg if found in the folder of the current file.
You can then filter for the files that have not yet got a picture:
%_covers% MISSING
and then apply the same type of action only this time
Filename: cover.jpg

Press F3 2x to see how many files are left without cover and then start the action a 3rd time, this time with
Filename: *.jpg
which will import the first found jpg from the current folder.


Thank you very much for replying. That was a tremendous help. But I do have one follow-up question:

When you say filter using %_covers% MISSING, I'm not exactly sure where to do this. Could you please elaborate just a bit further, and if you do, then I think I've got it.

Thank you again. Jd

The filter is the input are at the very bottom of the window.
Press F3 a couple of times to see where the filter gets hidden or displayed.
There you enter
%_covers% MISSING
That should reduce the number of loaded files to just those that have no cover.
And only those need treatment in the next round.

We got it. I think we're good. Thank you many, many times for your help. Very much appreciated.