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Hi. I'm completely new to MP3Tag so please forgive me if this is a stupid question.
I am familiar with Excel and some SQL, so indexing and formatting is not new to me.
Whenever I open MP3Tag and select a directory, I see the details of an album in the main window, ie Track, Artist, Album etc. However, the Tag Panel is blank for every album. I don't see artwork or any album details at all. Sometimes I want to batch edit the Album artist column, or Composer column, but without the panel it means I have to edit each row individually via Copy & Paste.

Am I missing something? I've gone through FAQs, searched on Google, played around with creating fields in the panel but nothing works. Perhaps a reinstall would repair it?

Using a Windows 10 PC with MP3 and FLAC files.

I'd appreciate any pointers.



You have to select at least 1 file in the file list to see data in the tag panel.

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Hi ohrenkino. Thanks for that.
What I've done so far is this. I created an Album field in the blank Tag Panel. I called it Album. I selected All files in the main window and was able to batch rename them all. This is exactly what I was looking for.

However, does this mean that I need to create a new field in the Tag panel for each one I want to batch edit, eg, Album Artist etc? Nothing appears in the panel when I select a file, unless I have already created the field. Is that what is meant to happen? I presumed all of the fields of an album would appear in the panel and I then edit whichever I selected.

Thanks, Tom

I am a little astonished that you had to create a field for ALBUM - after the initial installation the tag panel shows the fields that mainly comply with the ID3V1 standard. ALBUMARTIST (the name of the field is ALBUMARTIST and not ALBUM ARTIST) is a field for ID3V2 ff and other tag formats. So yes, you would have to add that one.
And this could be necessary also for further fields, go ahead, customize MP3tag to meet your needs.
If you want to see which other fields (and their data) is stored in a file, use the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T). In this dialogue you also see the fieldnames that MP3tag uses. Use these names to customize the UI.

Hi ohrenkino. I have to create all fields as the Tag panel is completely blank for every album directory I load. I've no problem creating new fields now as I will most likely only wish to batch edit one or two, but I presumed MP3Tag would have read and loaded the info.

MP3tag is certainly helping me with sorting my albums out so thanks for the development.


I am no MP3tag developer.
It is strange that you have a completely empty tag panel ... usually MP3tag shows input boxes for at least some fields

Hi again,

The Artwork also does not show in Tag Panel. This isn't a big deal, but just thought I'd mention it.

I've created custom fields now and the editing works, but it is completely blank otherwise for directories.

Thanks again, Tom.

What does the extended tags dialogue show you?
if that is also empty then it really means that you do not have any tag data in the files.

Perhaps you can harvest something from the filenames or folder names.
I would like to draw your attention to the convert menu and its functions.
For the import of tag data from filenames you would need Convert>Filename-Tag

The artwork now shows when I select a file, but nothing else, apart from the custom fields I added.

The tag panel will show you the data that is common to all selected files.
For data that differs from file to file, you will see `´ in the field.
You can set new data for all selected files by entering the new data in the corresponding field in the tag panel and then press Ctrl-S to save the modification.

"What does the extended tags dialogue show you?
if that is also empty then it really means that you do not have any tag data in the files."

I've checked a few albums. Extended tags shows all relevant data ( although one or two albums have tracks without this data for some unknown reason ).

Even with this data, the only thing that shows is the Album art and my custom fields.

Then you would have to check the field definitions for the fields in the tag panel.
The definitions should reference the same fields that you see named in the extended tags dialogue.

Here are some screenshots. The Metadata looks OK. However the Tag panel only shows artwork and my 2 custom fields.

I don't know why you have that tag panel definition.
You could try a completely new installation (with a prior complete de-installation) or adapt the tag panel and add further fields.
My tag panel definitely had more fields from the start.

I may try a clean reinstallation. I've just had a thought that perhaps my AntiVirus software affected either the installation or configuration. I'm using AVG Pro. I'll disable it and try a reinstall.

The custom panel that I have now works perfectly however and enables me to batch edit individual fields, which is exactly what I needed. I'll try the re install and come back to update results.

Many thanks for your help, Tom.

OK. I've just done a clean uninstall / reinstall with the latest exe file from MP3Tag.

It's working perfectly! The Tag panel shows all relevant fields which can now be edited

Obviously I glitched something with the original installation.

This is a great piece of work and deserves a donation.

Many thanks,


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