Encoder Version/Brand

I would love to have a field that knows what version of encoder was used to create a file.
It would of course be un-editable.

Some examples: Lame 3.97, FHG, Xing, Lame 3.92

MediaTagger has it, but unfortunately that can't do batch conversion so I've moved over to Mp3tag.
This is the one thing missing and I'd love to see it implemented in the near future.

This is helpful because I occasionally go back and re-encode some of my files with a newer version of an encoder, and it is handy to know which files are encoded with the old version.

I would very much like to see this too, as it would save me from having to use Mr. Questionman or Audio Identifier, but sadly, it's been said in the feature roadmap that this won't be included. :frowning:

I am using MP3Tag and also the Total Commander Plugin since a short while, but I have the same urge/wish as the other guys here. I really think the encoder field shouldn't be missing in a good tagger.

Is there any technical or personal reason why this feature is in the blacklist of features, Florian?

Anyways: Thanks for this great program. Its so useful to me! Especially the Amazon and Freeddb function is something I have been wishing for since a long time :slight_smile:

An accurate detection would take too much time for processing and it's also pretty difficult to implement since there are several factors to consider in order to determine an MP3 encoder. With Vorbis it's not that difficult since you can rely on the vendor string - same applies to MP4 files because most encoders leave a signature. As for FLAC, Musepack, Monkey's Audio or WavPack - there is only one encoder that encodes to those formats (I mean, one encoder per codec). Maybe the encoder version could be interesting, but to be honest, I have no idea if you can find that out.

Thanks for your post Sebastian.
Unfortunately I don't really agree. Have a look at The Godfather MP3 catalog: http://users.forthnet.gr/the/jtclipper/
This software scans for everything it can find in an mp3/or whatever audio file. And is even very fast.

I did not test the software, but does it accurately tell apart MP3s encoded by Blade from ones created by Xing or the various FhG "flavors"?

I am not sure if I understand your question. Maybe this helps:

Also ich hätte auch diesen Feature-Wunsch.
Ich lösche nämlich immer von Hand das entsprechende Feld in WinAmp.
Wenn dies automatisiert mit MP3Tag ginge würde mir das ne Menge Zeit ersparen.

Danke + Gruss

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AudioShell displays encoder details so well and so conveniently, that I've never missed this feature in mp3tag. And like mp3tag, AudioShell is lightweight, regularly updated freeware. As Sebastian has said however, it's difficult for ANY such program to RELIABLY detect MP3 encoders.

I agree it would be nice to see for MP3 files what the encoder was and the version. Foobar will show this info if you right click a file select properties and then the next properties tag under the tool and codec profile fields

No problem though, I can also fire up Foobar if I want to see

We seem to have now reasonably debunked the theory that it would be impossible/very hard to implement encoder detection. Many others have implemented it with high levels of success.

There are many people here who would like it to be present.

It would mean people can differentiate between old rips of their audio and the ones they've ripped with the new encoder version.

Surely this is reason alone to consider implementing it now.

It will mean better quality audio for all!

Go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on!

I'd just like to add my vote to this. It should be like like with Foobar2000, as demonstrated above, a codec profile and tool variable.