Encoding problems with multiple artists

Hi, I have a problem when tagging tracks with multiple artists.

I'm using ' \\ ' as separator (that's it, two backslashes, in case it renders wrong in the forum). Both Windows 7 and my Android device recognize it properly, for example, if I have 'Céline Dion \\ Barbra Streisand', the track is correctly listed both under 'Céline Dion' and `Barbra Streisand'. Perfect, right?

Well... except that it shows 'Céline Dion' instead. It only happens with multiple artists, otherwise the text is shown properly. It doesn't happen in Windows, either. It must be a problem in the Android 7.1 media library, because it affects any player I tried (the default one, Google Play Music, BlackPlayer...).

I'm using ID3v1 + ID3v2.3 UTF16, and I've checked (with a custom column %_id3v2_character_encoding%), that all the files tags are encoded in the same way, UTF-16. I don't know if switching to ID3v2.4 UTF8 would solve the issue, but it's not an option for me at the moment, because apparently Windows 7 doesn't recognize it.

Since I can't fix Android :slight_smile: ... is there any change I can do to prevent this problem?

see this "how to" on encoding problems:


Well, that was easy :smiley: . Thanks a lot, problem solved! :+1:

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