English / German notifications split

Would there be w a way for you @Florian to split the English and German notifications? If the forum user is not able to take part in the German topics then there is no sense of displaying those new / updated to her / him which happen to written be in German- currently the system show me as unread those that I will never read

Maybe in Preferences there could be a simple YES / NO question in regards to this? Or an EN / DE switch button at the top?

The switch would have to have at least 3 states: "any" should be included for those who want to see all threads.

You can go to your :gear: Preferences and add any category you don't want to be notified about (and don't want to see under /latest) at Notifications > Categories > Muted.

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That does the work, thank you

Is this still available? I do not see it - and I would like to mute for me the Mac portion of this forum

Yep, still available:

  1. Click on your Avatar-Logo on the upper right corner
    2.) Click on Einstellungen/Settings

Then - under "stummgeschaltet/muted" - choose the sections you do not want to be notified about anymore:

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Now I see it

Thank you

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