English Mispelling Correcting Action

Hey yo all.

I'm from Brazil and didn't ever made an English course (instead of common, boring school classes), so, please, don't expect a real 100% right from the grammar's heaven exemplar writing, ok?

I'm a long date user of mp3tag and since the first time I've managed to make a list of english words to get rid of and put new, fresh and correct ones in their places. It was really though to do, and it took a lot of my time. The corrections are like "dont" to "don't", "couldnt" to "couldn't" and some other that I don't remember right now.
Unfortunately (there's always a "but"), without internet access for a long time, without mp3s to tag, I don't remeber what I did to my programs and the case is: I've lost the entire set of English corrections.

I didn't find it here at the forum and don't have time to make it again, so... Anyone have something like it and wanna share it with one poor fellow?

Thanks in advance!