Enhanced tag matching

When I look for a tag on discogs, I select an album, then I have a window with two lists:

  1. the Discogs list
  2. the MP3 list on my drive

For the moment (2.82), I can only move a MP3 up or down in the list.
What I would like is:

  • the ability to delete an item in each list (I can have more items in the Discogs list or in the MP3 list)
  • the ability to move the two lists at the same time, to really check the matching

For example, I may have a CD with 13 tracks, the first one being a mix. Discogs will have the description of the mix, so instead of having 13 Discogs tracks, I will have more. I'd like to have the possibility of deleting some Discogs tracks.
The other example is that the CD I ripped in MP3 have too many tracks, the description in Discogs being not correct. I'd like to have the possibility to match the correct tracks even though I don't have them all in Discogs.

Thank you :slight_smile: