Enhancement: Drag+Drop folder onto cover panel

to add each image file within folder as a cover.

You can already drag&drop the individual image file on the tag panel.
Dragging and dropping whole folders may lead to unwanted side effects if you drag and drop the top most folder and MP3tag goes through all the subordinate folders.
So I think it has to be just one picture file at a time.

I wasn't talking about folder recursion ; just the contents of a single folder (usually the COVERS or ARTWORK folder that lives within the album folder). This saves having to go into it, after dropping the album folder into MP3tag to tag...

This is a setup that I never followed.
If you know that you have pictures in such a folder, I would think that an action with the
Format string: cover\*.jpg
would be faster than navigating to that folder with the explorer.
(And this function is already there.)

It's a bit slower as I think it loads the cover for each file selected (as opposed to loading it once and applying it to each file selected) but it works. Never thought to create an Action. Thanks.,