Enhancement request: Use clipboard for album title when album tag is empty

When doing a lookup using web sources it would be very handy if mp3tag used the clipboard contents when it encounters a situation where the album title is not present in the tags.

This would save one having to paste it in when you're copied the title from elsewhere.

bump... c'mon Florian, this is a good usability enhancement and presumably easy to implement... :wink:

I don't think this is a good enhancement at all, if I may say so. There are way too may ways this can go wrong. I don't know what's on the clipboard. I open several albums at once most of the time. If all albums get whatever is on the clipboard, I'd be very annoyed.

What's wrong with selecting all files, click in Title, press Ctrl-V and then Ctrl-S?


Ahem, you've totally misunderstood what I am asking for. Let me rephrase it: What I am asking for is that when one does a Tag Sources lookup (i.e. you've highlighted all tracks in an album and made sure you've got them sorted in the correct track order) to source tag data using one of the Tag Sources (freedb et. al.), mp3tag does the following:

if there is an Album Name in the current ALBUM Tag?
  use that Album Name as the lookup criteria
elseif there is content in the COMMENT tag
   use that COMMENT as the lookup criteria
elseif the CLIPBOARD has content
   use the CLIPBOARD content as the lookup criteria

I don't see how the above gives rise to any of the concerns you've raised, it just saves you having to paste clipboard content when you've gotten the album name from another source eg folder name, copied off an html page etc.


To be honest, it doesn't make it clearer. What exactly do you mean by "lookup criteria"? What is going to happen with the clipboard contents? The fact that the clipboard contents are hidden (ie. not visible), any functionality using that could result in unexpected things to happen.


Do me a favour, familiarise yourself with mp3tag's current tagging behaviours when using web sources and then once you've realised that you'd still see the clipboard contents, and have an option to confirm it as the web source lookup criteria, ask me again when you still don't understand.

I'm not sure I get it either.

Let's say the album title isn't in the album tag but it is in the comments or elsewhere...you want MP3tag to guess that's the Album title or at this point have you highlighted and copied this Album title? In which case why not paste it in the tag?

Ok, basically I'm trying to cater for the situation where you have no tags in the file - I often remove all tags after ripping and then use mp3tag sources to do the tagging. mp3ta's current logic is to read the artist tag and use its contents as the suggested album name for lookup purposes. If it's empty, it prompts you for a name. What I'm suggesting is that if it comes up empty and there's text in the clipboard, then use that as the suggested lookup name and present it to you for confirmation, much like it currently does, even when there is content in the artist tag. For those who don't trust their own abilities this could be a configurable option, though I'm not sure what the point would be seeing as it wouldn't change a thing other than make tagging process a little more efficient.

Hell, if you really wanted to be efficient about it you could even have mp3tag parse foldernames to use as input, but alas, it seems that would be way too confusing for some.

This sounds to me as if you only need a button "Get ClipBoard Text" to click to get the clipboard text content, if any, into the blank edit field.

But ... this implies that there is useful content on the clipboard in any case.

In the case that there is some text content, but accidentally left over from another application, this text would be inserted into the edit field. You will detect the failure by your eyes and then have to remove or overwriting the entry, e. g. pressing [Del] key if the edit field is still selected, otherwise by [Ctrl]+[A] followed by [Del] or simply by [Ctrl]+[X] or by using right mouse click and edit field contextmenu and so on. I expect rather too much complications.

So what the heck, what hinders you to go the simple standard way?
Switch to the other application which offers the search text entry, copy this text to clipboard, switch to Mp3tag, paste the clipboard content into the edit field.
... and you will always have the well selected content in the edit field.

There might be another way to go ...
Find out a way how the other application can watch Mp3tag's child windows, if the one search entry comes up with a blank edit field, then let the watcher application fill in the search text item into Mp3tag's edit field. :-))


On the contrary, all you'd need to do is type in the album name you'd have had to type in in the first place. The only difference now is that you may not need to type it in...see attached to see mp3tag's default behaviour when presenting an album name for lookup - the text is already highlighted so a single keystroke replaces it...no need for anything other than to type what should be there, IF and ONLY IF required.