[Enhancement sugg.] disable CTR+R in options

In most other bug report systems there is both the possibility to report bugs and enhancement suggestions. Judging from the abbreviations above, I'm not sure if suggestions fit in here (otherwise: where else should I put them?).

I just wanted to recommend that users have the possibility to disable/reassign some keyboard shortcuts in the options.
For example, I must use other applications (with extra features) in my workflow and in two of them CTRL+R reloads the tags (the equivalent to F5 in MP3Tag). Therefore I ended up deleting all my tags a couple of times already. For this and other types of situations it would be great if the user could choose his/her shortcuts in the options (preferably even enter new ones there).

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Ok, sorry, I just realized that there was a "Vorschläge" sub-forum in the german section. Why isn't there a "suggestions" section in the english section ?

Quoted from the description of the General Discussion forum:

OK, I see ...

This suggestion is already on my internal wish list.

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Great news! thanks for the comment