Ensuring Capitalization after ( in conversion to Mixed Case

I'm re-installing MP3TAG after a hard drive failure.
I had an action to convert case to Mixed Case even after (
Abc (extended version) would go to Abc (Extended Version) but now I only get:

Abc (extended Version)

Can somebody please show me how to do that again.


See the documentation:

and the parameter
" Words begin after any of"
where you enter all the characters that specify a word boundary

In that box I usually have the following characters;
( [ { / \ .

You may need to add some others depending on your library requirements.

Be careful about using this on too many fields, or in big batches. You will need to watch for fields where something like an all-caps word (TNT), Roman numerals (III, XI) prefixed surnames (Mc and Mac) or intentionally stylized spellings (ABBA) exist. Fixing these later on is a much bigger task, often like finding a needle in a haystack.

Thank You to all who responded