Entry Fields blank ...


Hi ... I'm using V 2.37a, suddenly, I can't see anything in the left hand pane, apart from the winamp icon for each file. All the columns have disappeared, and I can't seem to get them back. I've tried re-installing without success. Any help / suggestions would be gratefully recieved ... Thanks.


Delete %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\columns.ini. Mp3tag should create a new one when you launch it again, but all custom columns will be lost.


Hi ...Thanks for reply.

I deleted this from the registry, but it didn't make any difference. I then tried re installing again ... Still no difference. Then I did a registry search and removed all traces of Mp3tag before re-installing, and that has worked. :slight_smile: Thank you for your help.


I didn't say anything about the registry. :flushed:


I searched in the installation folder, but there wasn't a file with the name you mentioned (Delete %APPDATA%\Mp3tag\data\columns.ini) I looked at everything. Then a search found one in the registry, so I guessed that had to be it!
Anyway, the programme (and everything else on the computer) appear to be working well, so all's well that ends well ... Thanks again. :slight_smile:


%APPDATA% is a system variable that stands for Documents and Settings\User\Application Data. It's like %WINDIR% or %TEMP% - you can enter that as-is in Windows Explorer or the command prompt.


Yes ... but as a non techie, I didn't know that, and you didn't say it ... unfortunately not everyone is that computer literate. I still appreciate your help though, as it's working well.