Error 403:forbidden

I know this is been asked several times, but i cannot find anything to solve it.
i have a web source, that when i made it, it worked fine, i was testing again and now it gives me the:

also the index works fine, just the individual book dont work:

i have already added the [UserAgent]=1 by Album.src (4.0 KB)

I found no error on the debug and the scripterror file.

can someone provide me a solution or at least try it in you computer, to see if the problem is in my computer?

There is some problem with storytel adress.

for example:
use your code but with Mofibo adress and you dont get 403(404 error) but data will not fill like it should.

That ws uses a differente Url, it is broken, but it can be fixed, they problaly change the html, in the first case, i can even see the problem to fix it.

No more error (it was storytel issue) - but still empty fields

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Thank you for the answer.

Here is a initial version, to be improved later: by Album.src (4.0 KB)

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