Error Connecting to server :

often doing research with MusicBrainz happen the indicated error, it happens is when you search by
album, and when you choose the album from the list.
The error occurs on the first search you can try again, but if it happens on the second search, closes and
you have to start all over again !!! :angry:
This problem happens only with MusicBrainz, all other web services are working properly!
This thing is a real annoyance... you can solve it by increasing the timeout of the webservice or
implement some sort "automatic retry".

This is a problem at MusicBrainz.
They battle with hardware and network problems since months and are still moving to a new webhoster.

In addition, there is no new working Virtual Machine (for Mirror-Servers) available, which would reduce the needed bandwith to the main site dramatically.

Actually, there is nothing you can do then wait and find some time where MB is not under such heavy load.

You can read here:

And just for the records:

Ah thanks for the reply.
A "solution" would be to put the "retray" button also on the second search, so as not to do it all again,
especially when there are several results.