error connection on sever user abort

Checked my windows firewall, added mp3tag to list, didn't help...

it seems it works sometimes and sometimes not....

sometimes I get the first windows with choices, the click next and get either:

error connection on sever user abort


error connecting to

I added other discogs scripts and the results are the same

Together with your other post
you seem to be having one heck of a weird setup. How is anybody to tell from the distance what seems to be the problem up your end.

Just a reminder: MP3tag is a Windows program. It runs properly on most Windows OS setups. What you have to do on a Mac ... I will not start a discussion on the preferences of systems but seems to be that in this application scenario the Mac environment does not seems to be the optimum choice.

sorry for the confusion, I must explain:

I have mp3 tag installed on my mac through crossover...

where I was inquiring if it was normal that I cannot drag a file or folder from finder. It may be a limitation from crossover

I can connect and retrieve stuff from discogs from the mac set up


I also have mp3tag installed on my pc, where I get the discogs error connection

you pointed this link for me to check I guess:

I can't connect to the freedb server. What can I do?

First of all, make sure that your firewall doesn't block access to the internet for Mp3tag. If you are sure, that HTTP access is allowed for Mp3tag, you can switch to another freedb mirror at Options > freedb > Server. If you have still problems with accessing freedb, increase the timeout value at Options > freedb > Server to 10 and try again. "

I just checked and the freedb server works fine on the pc where I have the discogs connection error

as metionned the discogs goes through the first step opening a small window giving me choices... I pick one, then wait and wait...then the error connection message appear

now, about the increasing the time out value..will that help... I tried looking for this setting but I don't find it..and since the freedb server works fine, that perhaps won't change anything, or will it affect also discogs search?