Error - Could not figure moov insertion point

I'm using Mp3tag v2.80 with Windows 10. Yesterday I tagged an album and a couple hours later I realized that I forgot something. When I attempted to retag the album, I received the following message for one track/file. There were no problems with the other tracks. The message was: File filename could not be opened for writing. When I looked at the Mp3tag error log, I found the following messages.
File: smp4file.cpp
Line: 478
Message: write: could not figure moov insertion point, giving up (\\WDMYCLOUDMIRROR\ALAC_iTunes_Music\Santana\Supernatural\08 - Migra.m4a)
00004464 at 4d 10:17:24.415285

I also have a FLAC copy of this album and had no problems retagging it. If this needs to be moved to the Bug Reports section of the forum, please do so. I found a similar problem in the Foobar forum from July 2016. Peter asked for the file to be emailed to him. There were no further entries in that thread, so I don't know if a resolution was found. Thanks for any help you can provide.


I would check the files integrity first.
Or I would re-encode it again. Take care that you do not write the nero structure as this is not compatible to MP3tag.

Thanks. I had no problems playing the track with Foobar. I decided to use dBpoweramp Music Converter and the FLAC version of the album to recreate the ALAC version. I had no problems tagging the new ALAC version. I'll consider this issue fixed.