Error exporting .SFV

I am getting this error,

Trying it in folder containing .m4b files.
Please help.

Looks like an authorization error.
Check actual owner of the file and access permissions to folder and files.

Hi, thanks for your time.
I ran the application as admin, and having full rights to edit the files in that folder.

So you are not the owner?!
To my experience, it is not enough to be admin, you either have to be the owner or full access has to be granted to everybody.

Ohh I see, contacting my VPS person.

OK so I have finally worked with sfv, but now there seems another problem. I am using these placeholders in the file,

%_filename_ext% %_file_size% %_crc%

....and it outputs only a checksum data for single .m4b file. Can you help sir?

ok I did this and it worked.

$loop(%_filename_ext%)%_filename_ext% $loop(%_file_size%)%_file_size% $loop(%_crc%)%_crc%

Now can I add %_crc% value in the end of filename? for example like this:

QUOTE (vvikkass @ Oct 13 2016, 23:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
ok I did this and it worked.
$loop(%_filename_ext%)%_filename_ext% $loop(%_file_size%)%_file_size% $loop(%_crc%)%_crc%


I get a little dizzy from all these loops.
IMHO the inner loops are not necessary as you get only one file size and only one crc value per file, there is nothing to loop.
$loop(%_filename_ext%)%_filename_ext%,%_file_size%, %_crc%
should do just fine.

You could export the result to batch file instead of a simple text file and then execute the batch file.
The batch file would use command shell commands to rename.
$loop(%_filename_ext%)ren %_filename%.mp4 %_filename%-%_crc%.mp4
Or you import the data from the text file into the mp4 file again into a user-defined field and then rename the file with the convert function Tag-Filename or an action of the type Format value.

THanks a lot, you sir are a genius. :smiley:

One thing I want to ask, can MP3TAG run .bat file or will I have to run it manually? Also is their a way to save that batfile outside the audio folder. Enjoining it with %_foldername% is saving it inside the folder.

Thanks for all the help.

If you save it somewhere else than the current folder, you have to add the path to the file. Otherwise it will not work.
If the file has always the same name, you can add it as a tool ...

So I would prefer the data re-import into the tags and then rename the file with the Convert function or an action.

Thanks a lot sir, I am having new issue while saving cover. Will open a new thread about it.

Thanks a lot again for your precious time. Most of the things got resolved.