Error - FreeDB


I get an error when I try and access the FreeDB online database. Error reads :- 'The Server Failed To Return A Valid Query Responce Code'

Is my setup incorrect ?

Is this a FreeDB problem rather than MP3TAG ?


freedb works fine here.

Please check if your firewall blocks the access or try another server from Options, freedb, Server.

~ Florian


Thank you. It appears my firewall had blocked this application.


I get this error. The thing is, I use CDEx, which queries exactly the same database to get its tags, and it works perfectly. Would my firewall be blocking mp3tag, but not CDEx?

I'm not very good with server stuff. I run a PC-Cillin firewall and Windows XP default firewall. How would I go about changing these to let the CDDB traffic through?


Sidenote: It's not very good to run multiple firewalls at the same time.

Anyways, it is possible that one of the firewalls blocks MP3Tag from accessing the Internet.