Error Message - Cannot be Opened for Writing

I have used MP3Tag for many years with Fantastic Results and still believe it to be the best Tag Editor available online.

However 4 weeks ago when editing songs (generally trying to upload a cover jpeg) I am receiving the following error message "Cannot be Opened for Writing".

I thought maybe this was due to having 15,000 songs in my collection which generally have large album covers averaging 1,000 x 1,000 pixels, and that maybe I did not have sufficient memory.

I have since purchased a brand new PC costing £1,100 which has 16 RAM and I'm still getting the error message.

Can anyone help?


Check (and possibly modify) the ownership of the files. If you use a brandnew PC it could well be that the files still have the former owner.
See this Microsoft article how to do that, if you are not sure:

(The RAM will only be used up an extent of 3.5GB due to 32-bit-addresses)