Error message on freedb query


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Hmm, weird... I think I tried with all kinds of mirrors and albums, but whenever I select a CD from the results, I get the following message:

Attachment 48 not found.


Edit: The freedb-ID is based on my selection from the list.

Keine Daten von FreeDB

Sebastian, does this happen with all (or most of) your albums or only with a specific one?

I've tried it here and the try again option only comes up, if the server didn't return a valid result. I'm currently using, because has major problems the last weeks.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Happens with some ABBA albums, some Toto albums, all my Pink Floyd albums and some of my Rolling Stones albums (some because I did not test all).
MP3Tag shows me a list with possible matches and when I choose one, I get the error posted above. I tried with all mirrors.


Do you get the error message with the same freedb id (1d10d914) for all your albums, or only for the ABBA album?

Do you have a CD in your CD-ROM drive?

Just to be sure: are you using the determine from selected files freedb option?

Best regards,
~ Florian


The freedb-ID is based on the selection. So, if I do a web-search for "The Definitive Collection" (album only) and select the 3rd item, I get "2811dd13" as ID, if I select the 9th item, I get "e811a011".

About the other questions: no, I don't have the CD inserted, and no, I am not using determine from selected files, but determine via web-search. :slight_smile:

If I open EAC and tell it to obtain the information from the remote freedb database, everything works, so I doubt it's a problem with the server. Also, the firewall isn't blocking MP3Tag.

Edit: If I use determine from selected files, I get "The server failed to return a valid query response code".


Please try this again with at Options, freedb, Server, Adress.

Thank you!
~ Florian


Just did, but same thing. :frowning:


I'm preparing a debug version with some additional error checking and logging and will post you the link via PM.


My problem went away after disconnecting and reconnecting from the Internet. Might have been an ISP problem. :unsure:


Okay, thanks for the feedback. Hopefully it was a temporary issue :rolleyes: