Error renaming mp3 file (fille lenght)

Dear mp3tag support,
I noticed that problem happening eventually, and it just in some files. I am pretty sure it is not a problem with mp3tag. So my apologies for asking it in your forum

It seems to be a restriction at the file name, like a limitation of number of caracters in the file. Some files had the name changed, the short ones. The longer ones are showing an error message and are not renaming.
(see attchment for example)
Unfortunately, I couldn't fine any help at forum nor any explanation at seaching in the web, therefore I decided to ask it in the forum.

The work around is ugly, you need to "shorten" the file name cutting characters.
I could not find anything wrong at file property.
It it quite strange, since I do have tons of other files with names longer than this imitation (64?) presented. I always thought that the limit was 255 for file names once we moved from DOS.

Is there way to change or convert the file format to allow 255 possible characters?
Any help will be greatly appreacited.
By the way, mp3tag rules!!

See this thread
[X] NTFS path/file length exceeded
and come back to ask further questions if there any.


Lip reply: Thanks for the reply and link. However, I probably did not explain myself well. I will be happy is I would be having 256 characters. It seems like some files (file name) cannot have more than 64 on my case. It happens quite rarely, but I could not find how to corect that. I tried to reconvert the file, change the ID tag type, but nothing works. The file keep accepting a lower number of characters than normal it does.
It is not a Mp3tag deficiency, since I cannot rename the files even outside of the software. It seems a Windows format issue or eventually a ripping problem.
Unfortunatelly, I could not find a fix or any explanation of why those files are in that way. My guess is that it happens when the person who originally rippens the files used a "default" 64 characters for file name. I saw some forums telling that is for compatibility of some CD devices.
Any help on how to revert that constrain will be greatly appreaciated.
Thanks a lot!!

You have not attached any example!
What do you mean with 'the short ones'?
What do you mean with 'the longer ones'?
Think about play time, file size, size of the filename, size of the full pathname?

I can't believe it.

Hmm, yes I think so, but take into account all the characters from the root of the drive until to the end of the filename extension. This reduces the possibility of having files with rather long size of filename.extension along with a deep structured foldertree.

It is allowed to do so, and I have no doubt that it works.

Did you look at the file properties? Is there any file attribute set to 'read only'?
Are you able to provide an example of a full 'drive:\path\filename.extension' string that cannot be reformatted?