"ERROR: Unsupported format or corrupted file" MP3 Diags says: "No MPEG audio stream found"

The files work all good on my mobile device and theres no hint of them being corrupted in any way. As soon as I put them into Mp3Tag I get the following error in the tag split: "ERROR: Unsupported format or corrupted file". I then put them into MP3 Diags and here I get the "No MPEG audio stream found" Error. all other problems are solvable, but the MPEG thing stays no matter what I do. Again, all files end in ".mp3" and work all good on my phone, but after I put them into Mp3Tag once, the ones which give me the unsupported format error arent able to be oppened anymore. Any ideas on whats going on here? Ive never done anything like this before so sorry if im missing something completely obvious or just explained it in the worst way possible

Did you transform them with some kind of online source?
So that they are actually mp4 files with the wrong extension?
Like here:

That must be it. No idea how I hadnt noticed that earlier but yes, all of the files which wont work have been transformed from .mp4 screen recordings to .mp3 "audio files" with some app from the google playstore because I wasnt able to get a good download of them. Ive read this on some other platform before but just skipped it and went on because I hadnt thought of this. How do I fix it then? obviously just changing the file extension wont work here if im right

You can try changing the extension, if that is truly the only issue. But I wouldn't count on this working.

As I said, the extension is already .mp3 because of the mp4 to mp3 app I used. The way I understood it is that it just somehow slapped .mp3 behind the file without actually making it a mp3 file. What im basically trying to say is that without some other tool I know of no way of changing the extension because its basically alraedy classified a .mp3 but actually is a fake one. Still dont know what im talking about here, but thats how I understood it

You could try to rename it to Mp4.
If that does not help ... then there is not a lot that can be done with MP3tag.

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