Error while parsing RegEx


I'm attempting to use the RegEx
$regexp(%albumsort%,\s(Vol. (?=(\s*\.*\s*[0-9])+)(\s*\.*\s*([0-9]+)\s*))$,)

And the following error is being produced.

Invalid preceding regular expression prior to repetition operator. The error occurred while parsing the regular expression fragment: 's*\.*\s*(+>>>HERE>>>)\s*))$'.

Mp3Tag 3.17 x64

You're using the special characters [ and ] without escaping them or without enclosing the whole expressing in '

$regexp(%albumsort%,'\s(Vol. (?=(\s*\.*\s*[0-9])+)(\s*\.*\s*([0-9]+)\s*))$',)

From the documentation:

Please note that you have to escape comma and other special characters in e.

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I didn't think the sqare brackets were supposed to be escaped, as they're encapsulating a range.

That's better. The only thing now... the letter immediately following a ( is now lower case.
Although, it doesn't really matter as the ALBUMSORT tag shouldn't have any extended properties in it, eg. [Extended Title], (Extended Title) or {Extended Title}

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