I do not want to see an error after "Help" folder removal:

Please correct...

I agree that this is quite annoying. I use f2 for renaming frequently and sometimes hit f1 by accident. It's quite annoying that it opens a webpage which of course takes focus.

Either having an option to disable f1 or disable that pointless popup would be nice.

If you are not sure how to use the keyboard, use the mouse. The same function is available in the Edit menu.
The F1 button is used more or less Windows wide to open the help. How do you cope in other programs. I doubt that you can disable the function keys in any program.

Well everybody isn't perfect like you apparently are. There aren't many applications where I'm frequently renaming things so I don't need to disable it in many things. The only place I currently disable it is in Windows Explorer, which is quite easy to disable. Same concept I just rename the HelpPane.exe in C:\Windows.

Well, with that tactics, you could uninstall browser or delete the file association for html files ...
Or you could cut out a little cardboard cut-out cover which you put over the F1 key to protect it from accidental access. Might be even the better way as this would not provoke any error messages and could be removed more or less instantly if you need the F1 key again. This would then be a local and temporary disabling of the F1 key. And it would not collide with other users' habits.

MP3tag has an alternative way to rename files with the Convert>Tag-Filename or Convert>Filename-Filename function.
Using unified masks for these functions would generate unified filenames that do not have to be adapted manually (with F2).

Please, are you able to explain what your problem has to do with the title of the problem from the first message "Posted Aug 23 2010, 11:31", which was indeed a corrupted software installation?

Regarding your problem, which is the faulty operation on the keyboard, some thoughts ...

  1. The brain-eye-hand-dysfunction could be diminished by training.
  2. Once you have invoked Mp3tag's help pages by pressing key [F1], ...
    ... then let the open browser window as is ...
    ... and immediately switch back to Mp3tag by pressing [Alt]+[Tab].
    Afterwards close all the open browser windows at once ...
    ... this would help you to learn not to press [F1] in Mp3tag, if you do not really need it.
  3. Search Google for help how to deactivate the key [F1].
  4. Try out a utility which can remap keys ...
  5. See also ...
  6. There is also the MacGyver solution, to block the pressing of the key by using a matchstick.


The title says "Error" and says "I do not want to see an error after "Help" folder removal:" Which is what I did and the get the same error.

Anyways thanks for actually providing suggestions. I have thought about just disabling the f1 key, but I thought it was annoying that the software complains about a missing help folder when it's not even important that it exists.