Every ripped album shows tracks in reverse order

Every album now shows the tracks, for example, 10 to 1 instead of 1 to 10.
I have tried the invert selection button but this does not work

This appear to have an effect when I try to play an album using my Blusound Vault.
If I select play an album in will play track 1 and then just repeats playing track one over and over

Which application shows this, your player or MP3Tag?

mp3tag - the list in the folder is fine, when I go into the album via mp3tag the listing is reversed
When I try and play an album it will play track 1 repeatedly

Did you know that MP3tag sorts by the contents of a column if you click on the column header? And it reverts the order when you click again.
So perhaps you click on the column that holds the track number until the sequence is right.

Many thanks, sorted
Must have clicked on this by accident
Fortunately you only have to change one album to sort all of them...