Every tag ever? (Export too?)

Hello MP3Tag Community!

I was wondering if there is a way to have this application export a list of my files along with all of the tags (EVER) that are included in them.

There might not be a practical reason for this request, but I'm pretty anal retentive about my tags. I've seen some files with weirdo information in the "comments" section, and it's easy for me to clear those out, but what about all the other tags that I don't even know exist on the file? I wish to remove these extraneous tags and information that have nothing to do with the movie file whatsoever. This effort would essentially "genericize" my video files from any previously identifiable information that may have been added by someone else.

The final format of my request would be just a csv file that I can manipulate and filter to narrow down the oddities in my files, and I could tweak them manually from there.

I hope all of this makes sense. Thank you so much for your support. This is a wonderful program and I was happy to donate to it.


Have you had a look at the extended tags dialogue (Atl-T)?
That shows the tag fields that exist in the selected files.
You may then filter for files where a particular suspicious tag field is PRESENT with
%suspicious field% PRESENT
Esp. if you do not know which fields to expect and what could be saved in them, I would go that way instead of an export.

If you insist on an export, then most likely the format will not be CSV but something else - if you want a csv export, then you would have to name the columns that you want to create.

An export to export all fields in a tag should feature the export scripting command $list().
See also the documentation on export:

Unless I'm really missing something, Extended Tags doesn't remotely show all the tags, jsut the ones you configured to show. Else why is there an Add field button? What would there be to add if it was showing everything already? Looking at a few music and video files, Extended shows 4 fields for my music and about a dozen for my video. Using ExifTool to dump fields shows about 15 for music and several dozen for video. If I read the question correctly, he wants to see ALL of the tags in the file, not just the ones Mp3Tag is configured to show or what is typically shown. ALL of them.

Johnny, try downloading Phil Harvey's ExifTool. It's the granddaddy of metadata tools and what many tagging apps use under the hood. It is a Command Line Interface tools with a bazillion options but there are docs and examples. I like to run "exiftool . -g -s" for a concise listing that shows the actual tag id and grouping. Adjust the filespec as needed for your files. You can have multiple ones, like "exiftool *.mp3 *.mp4 -g -s"

Weird. The post is transforming the asterisk dot asterisk in the filespec of my post to just a dot.

It does show exactly the tag fields that can be found in the files.
There are no "empty" fields in tags as some kind of placeholders.
Either a field is there or it isn't
If you want a list of fields that are supported by MP3tag, see the documentation:

plus several other fields for technical information that can also be exported.

Please don't forget to say that ExifTool can NOT remove any tag from mp3.

The same is true for MKV (Matroska) or MPG video files.

You have to enclose code in backticks/grave accents to avoid the formatting.

Thank you to everyone that responded! It's greatly appreciated to have such a responsive community.

I believe I may have stated my issue incorrectly before, however it was deciphered later. I understand that tags only exist if there is metadata in them (its the metadata I wish to remove, and if the tag is extraneous, then it too). However, I have found a couple of my video files with a "composer" tag on them and some stupid signature in it. The Composer tag would normally be utilized for music files, and not video files. These are the weirdo tags (or metadata) that I wish to remove.

While MP3Tag may show me all applicable tags on a video file, I have to right-click (as far as I know) on every file to find out which tags exists on the file. This is not feasible. Thank you for the suggestion of using ExifTool, but I'm afraid I just don't have the inclination to learn how to use this CLI and all of its parameters. This is why I use the GUI friendly MP3Tag.

Thank you all for your time and support! Have a wonderful day.


a) you can press Alt-T to open the extended tags dialogue which may be quicker.
b) you can use a filter to reduce the list to just those files with a COMPOSER field and perhaps even those which are not MP3 files:

%composer% PRESENT AND NOT %_extension% HAS MP3

And then I would add a column to the file list that shows the contents of the composer field:

I believe that most tags that you can find in ExifTool that are not displayed in mp3tag are those that cannot be changed. Since the focus of mp3tag is adding, editing, or removing tag information, these are less relevant in this application. There are some information fields that are conveniently available for use in filtering.

Be that as it may, you can't say that Extended Tags shows all the info. All the "relevant" info, maybe. With mp4 it's helpful to know the camera settings info.

It looks to me as though you are really

The original probem was

This task can be achieved with MP3tag and - if necessary - the extended tags dialogue.
I seriously doubt that removing the technical information of

would leave a valid file. Also, this property - and I call it a property as opposed to a tag field - describes the payload data and is mandatory for the player. Otherwise the file cannot be handled properly.
The tag fields are extra information but their presence or absence does not make a lot of difference to the player.
So, does MP3tag display the tags? yes.
Does MP3tag display all the other properties by default? No.
But the latter was not the question, I think.

Hello again!

Thank you again to everyone trying to chime in and solve my issue here. It's real swell of everyone to take time to do that.

I feel like some stuff may be getting mixed up here, so maybe I can add a final example and see if I can communicate it properly:

Let's say the moviefile.mp4 has a "Composer" tag applied to it with the value "Jane Smith" in it.

If I run mp3tag, and let it scan that directory, I get a list of video files, but none of the columns are listed as "composer" to show me this value. The columns I do get are "Artist" "Title" "Year", which is great!

However, if we believe that any video file can have this extraneous tag (and a value, or maybe NOT a value), then I would like to export a list of all of my video files showing every possible column. Even if moviefileBBB.mp4 DOESN'T have the "Composer" tag applied it, the column should still exist in my spreadsheet. If the final exported spreadsheet has 300 columns in it one for each weirdo (extraneous tag/value), then so be it. At least I would then know that my report is identifying every tag possible.

Someone mentioned a camera tag? I don't know about that one, and probably wouldn't care? Unless of course there are a thousand "system" type tags, then I don't want any of those. I want the tags where someone had to manually add them in (I think is the best way to explain it).

Thank you all again! I know this is a really tedious and mundane thing to ask about, but what can I say other than I'm pretty particular about the information in some video files. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that is probably the default configuration.
But as demands vary from person to person, there is the option to customize MP3tag - see the documenation about that:

And if you don't know what data is present in your files - the extended tags dialogue will be your friend.
And to make it even more complicated: the ID3 standard allows user-defined fields which can have more or less any name. So how would you cope with these?

MP3tag has an export function - but you would never get a spreadsheet exported. You may get data that a spreadsheet program is able to import but that is then up to you to define that output, esp. if you

It is a pity really that you did not pick up the hints on the $list() function - still, this would mean that you move to a more xml-based field representation instead of a spreadsheet-like with a fixed column position for data.
So, when you loaded all your files into MP3tag,
selected them all
and pressed Alt-T
Which fields did you find that need further investigation?

Run this:

exiftool -csv *.mp4 >extract.csv -all

How will this extract.csv help for the OP's request:

"However, if we believe that any video file can have this extraneous tag (and a value, or maybe NOT a value), then I would like to export a list of all of my video files showing every possible column."