Every time I close and reopen MP3TAG it rebuilds the directory which is 20K files!!!!

Hi, this may be a stupid question, sorry for that.

I open MP3TAG, point it to the MY Music Directory and it tnen takes a few hours to build the list. I spend ages editing stuff and then shut down my PC. Next time the directory is not there and I need to rebuild it in MP3TAG - another few hours wait - is this normal?

I want to save the directory in MP3TAG is this possible??


No, MP3tag does not remember the list of files last edited.
You can set the starting directory in the options, though.
THis might be a help if you do not want to read the whole bunch of files but only one folder at a time.
It may be a good idea to have the explorer open at the same time. You then navigate (rather quickly) to the next directory, copy the address from the explorer address bar and paste it into mp3tag's address field and press enter. Mp3tag will then clear the list of files and read the new directory.
(You can also use the built-in functions for file navigation).

Saving a file list would not help a lot as it is never sure that the files read in the last session are still there. It would be rather irritating to either get error messages due to missing files or not seeing the new files.