Everything selected option

When ever I have a new mp3 folder I want to apply the set of standard actions to all the mp3s in the folder.
Could we please have an option under general,
When adding files, automatically mark selected

Save having to press ctrl A every time
:whistling: (I'm an old, sad, idle user)

I've been requesting this option since the first day I started using Mp3tag. Over the years other users have also asked for it. A 'Select all files' button would also be welcome, making trips to the keyboard less necessary. Almost everything I do in Mp3tag is handled by Action groups, which are launched using the mouse.

I do not see any advantages.
As the select all is a generic function supplied by the edit menu, the only common access is the windows short cut.
On the contrary: if some applications had a "select all" button and others don't then you would have to learn which button is intended for this action in each application - as the button is not standard.

That's true of many buttons in any application, so I don't understand what you're talking about. Few button representations are common across applications. But 'select all' buttons are commonplace in many, many applications.

Of course I don't really expect many additional buttons until a means of customizing the button bar is implemented. You can't just keep adding buttons. I don't use 3/4 of the existing buttons and I imagine that's true of most people. It needs to be more flexible.

Here's another tagging applicaion that has this. Looks like it's implemented as button with a drop-down menu next to it to open a file selection menu. Nice.

I do not think that repetitive utterance of a point of view adds truth to it.

Your way of usage seems to be also rather egocentric as probably the buttons have proved to be of help to the other users of MP3tag.

I do not think that MP3tag needs to get more flexible as to my opinion this is one of the most flexible mp3 tag editors around.
As there is an easy workaround and the benefit of having this function is very small (I think that neither your internet browser or the windows explorer have this feature - so you have to use the shortcut in those programs resp. when changing to them you cannot apply your preferred way of mouse handling) I think that you have made your point and let us see what the future will bring.
If anyone should ask me what features I would like then having a "select all" button would be very far down the list.
Having a function to find duplicates would be much nicer.

It's not a True/False point.

My way of usage is nothing more than my way of usage. I'm sure that many people use Mp3tag differently. Thus my request that the button bar be customizable, as it is in many applications.

It is a small feature request. Probably not one that merits extended debate. Small as it is, it's a request that comes up from time to time from different users.

I would have absolutely no use for such a feature, but that doesn't make it any less useful to others. If it were implemented (how ever you want to define 'duplicate') and if it were given one or more buttons in the bar, then I'd double my requests that the button bar be made customizable, as I'd only be looking at more buttons that I don't use.

I made this request because I have a long and details set of actions that I apply to all my mp3's so I have a standard set of directories, filenames and tags. I suspect that JJ Johnson has done exactly the same.
I didn't ask for a button, but it is a solution, I asked for an option that when-ever I load mp3s into MP3tag they are selected, something in tools-option-general.
If you don't want to use it, then don't.

At the moment everything is unselected, consider that if you want to change anything you have to select it individually, the the initial state of everything unselected forces an action. An initial state of either the first item selected, or everything select automates the process slightly one way or the other, but does not add additional steps.
I would be interested in any reason why an initial state of everything unselected is the optimum.

Ideally I would like to be able to run any of the command functions from the action group within MP3tag. (Auto renumber, save tags etc) however I appreciate that this could cause a few problems.
Yes I do have an autoit script that does most of the work. Unfortunately the scripting of "select all" does not always work.

Ohrenkino - look at most Microsoft programs, - word - outlook - excel etc etc. They offer to customize the toolbar, including a button to "Select all". I maybe old an' gray, but I think I could learn "select all" after a while.

Ohrenkkino, :angry: just who do you think you are, the perfect person, every uses MP3tag in their OWN WAY.

So, no ehancements, like a find duplicate button then !
An application that does not become more flexible over time will DIE.

This would be a wonderful edition for those of us that use MP3Tag in the same way over and over.

  1. I love this program, thanks
  2. I go to tag like this: browse to a directory, the album directory. right click on it, and select mp3tag from right-click menu.
  3. then the first thing I have to do EVERYTIME is click "select all files"
  4. I have 2783 album directories I'm currently re-tagging with mp3tag

Please consider. thanks in advance!!

100% ACK!

I would like to see this feature (as Option) too! :music: