Example of file needed


Hi, I've hunted high and low through the help and this forum and nowhere can I find an example of a tag file or a set of instructions on what the process is.
Consider me a blonde, but I'd really like step-by-step instructions on how, once I've exported my tag data, how I then modify it and then how to apply it to the directory of my choice.

I really have looked but clearly I'm searching using the wrong keywords - and its now driving me bonkers that I can't work it out.




mp3Tag comes with a comprehensive help file that contains everything needed to get you started and then some.


Nope, not in the version I have it doesn't. I've read the help from end-to-end, I've searched the help for 'sample' and 'example' and neither have provided what I want.
Maybe I'll just go and find a different product.


Can you describe in detail what you wanna do?


Clearly my first post wasn't terribly articulate.
I want to export tags to a file, then I want to change some of the tags using the 'replace' function and then import it back.
If someone could post a file to the forum which gives examples of what a file looks like after commands to change stuff have been added that would be perfect.
Stuff like - is there a header command? Is there a trailer command? How do I tell it to move the track name to a file name?

I can see what the commands are - and I have read all the help that comes with my version but there are no EXAMPLES!!!!!!