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Hi there. I tried searching for this but all the results are in german. I am trying to export my list of tracks to Excel to interrogate them but either the text file (opened in Excel) or the CSV export are both unusable as they don't format into proper columns in Excel. Has anyone been able to get over this?

edit the export script and replace the semicolon as column separator with $char(9) and try again.

Or you could try it adjusting the various import possibilities in Excel:

Thanks for the tip. I did try the sequence of events before i saw your tip but selected fixed and not delimited. When i got into the screen which gives me choices of "comma', "semicolon" etc. which one do i choose? I don't have much experience of csv files.

Is there info about editing scripts on the website? If not can you guide me?

$char(9) is the code for the non-printable tab character.
Select this as delimiter.

Editing the export script should be easy as they are plain text files. You can edit the export script either with "NEw" for a new script or "Edit" for an existing script.

Inside Mp3tag, press CTRL + E (you need at least one selected track)

There you see the New or Edit button for your listed export scripts.
You can also copy/duplicate an existing one.

yes i know how to do that bit but don't know how to edit the scripts and save

Edit: press the button that @LyricsLover showed you.
Save: Press Ctrl-S in the Windows Editot or use File>save - as usual.
Then call the (updated) script in the export function.

There is also the help that you can call with F1 and open the topic on Export.

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thanks all. i was able to do it

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