Exclude ARES Temporary files from loading


I'm using ARES to download some rare mp3 files into a temporary folder which is used for downloading, editing and, once OK, moving files to their final destination. As part of the editing process I use Mp3tag to make the mp3 tags conform to my format.

THE PROBLEM: ARES temporary files place "ARESTRA" in front of the filename.(mp3, wav) but since most of these are either partially or not yet found, Mp3tag tries to analyze them but is VERY, Very, very slow in doing it. Did I say it was extremely slow???

THE LAZY MAN'S SOLUTION: Can Mp3tag be configured to skip certain filename characteristics when it imports a folder for editing? i.e. Such as MSDOS XCOPY /Exclude:ARESTRA*.mp3

THE GEEK'S SOLUTION: Create another temporary folder to move the completed files, use Mp3tag to edit them and move them to their final destination.

Being somewhat lazy and the fact that I only use one folder for all my temporary files and their edits, I would certainly prefer THE LAZY MAN'S SOLUTION. So, can you help me maintain my laid-back life style :sunglasses: ?


Sorry, but Mp3tag only supports "THE GEEK'S SOLUTION" :rolleyes: