Excluding files during tagging and auto matching track names

Is there a way to exclude a file during a tagging operation? For instance if I have several tracks already tagged on a particular album and 1 or more tracks is incorrectly tagged to that album is there a way to exclude that/those tracks? As far as I can tell you can only reorder the tracks by hand but if one does not match you have to back up and deselect the track then repeat the tagging process. It would be so much easier to be able to click and exclude or remove from the list when the tagging window is open.

Also would be nice to have the software automatically match the tracks to the properly tagged tracks. I don't mind reordering them when and where necessary but would be nice to only have to do it for the ones the software cannot recognize. Would streamline the tagging process a lot!

Thanks for the opportunity to help improve an already tip-top program. Best tagging program anywhere!

I guess you are talking about web sources.
As far as I know, your method of going back and deselect is the only oportunity if a track doesn't match. Or you do more searching with a web source script for a release version which matches with your files.

The only exception is when your file version of an album has more tracks than the one found with a web script. In this case, the last files in the list, which don't have a matching track on the left side won't be tagged at all.