Exists "Same Folder String"?

Hi Boys and Girls!

I didn't find any answer, thats becouse I'm posting... And becouse I couldn't realise how to do it myself...

I would like to know if exists any string that means "same folder".... I explain the function I want to do...

For example:
--- Show me folders with different %artist% value AND different %albumartist% value in the same folder (or that have 5 tagged in %albumartst% AND the others 7 track have %albumartst% untagged) IN THE SAME FOLDER or %_directory%

or the opposite...
---- Show me folders with the same values in any tag field, in a same folder...

I can do a Filter to show all files with any tag field (or combination of them)... but usually we have an album in a folder, and for example I would like to know if in the folder "/AC-DC - (1980) Back in Black/" I have any file with another album tag, or if all the tags %year% have the same value... or if one is 2003 (date of one of the lot of reeditions)... but in the same folder...

I know how to do it with on folder, I just need to look... but... I want the filter showing in wich of my 189 subfolders of "English Rock" I have inside of each one--> same %album% AND %albumartist% AND %_covers%

If there are 8 track with cover-art in a folder and the other 4 they have not, I would like that it shows me the entire folder with the 12 tracks, not just the missing 4

I don't know if Im beeing clear... I hope yes... and maybe its very easy, but I not being able, so, I would be glad if someone can explain me... I have all the motivation to learn!

thanx in advance for any answer..

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Now then, many ways lead to Rome.

E.g. you could add a column in the files list that shows the path (Value %_path%) and sort it.
THis should show you all files in a folder.

Also, you could filter whether the contents of a field is part of the path:

"$ifgreater($strstr($lower(%_path%),$lower(%artist%)),0,yes,no)" IS yes
You would get the inverse result if you filter like this:
"$ifgreater($strstr($lower(%_path%),$lower(%artist%)),0,yes,no)" IS no

What you can't do is a comparison of files among each other. MP3tag does not know anything about the previous or the next file.

Mp3tag cannot do a comparison on the content of tag-fields between tracks in the listview.
Mp3tag works with the basic object, which is the one media file.
You cannot filter or compare folders, but you can filter files by their tag-field content.
Comparing folders is a task up to the user.

If you are not afraid to write an export script, then you can make this task a little more easier.
See there ...
filter for mp3’s that have more than one album name in the same folder?

There is a proposal of an export script, that creates a simple text list output of folders, which have different album names in the same folder.
You can adapt the export script to your needs.


Hi! Thanks Guys! ...

@ohrenkino---> I know I can add a column, in fact, it's my default order option . I was just looking a way of filter this in a "selective" way (comparative). The filters you say could be useful anytime, for another thing. Cool. My idea (I read and I know its not "very well explained" by me), was inside your third pharagraph in "What you can't do is a comparison of files among each other". I didn't know it. I'm still far from Rome.

@DetlevD---> I think you understand me, despite of my bad presentation. Now I know why I can't do anything that mp3tag cannot do. I'll study your link, the export option and the possibility of a spreadsheet (I had never used one, in any case, is a good challenge to train! I'm not afraid, :slight_smile: ) Cool Idea ! "You’ve put me along the right lines". As it says the linked post.

Thanks to you two. I'll study better, with the information you give me and "I'll be back".. with more questions soon maybe...

Thanx again!


Writing or modifying or just understanding of Mp3tag export scripts is not in the range of skills given to the average user. But if you want to try, then do it. It opens another door how to use Mp3tag and allows new ideas to be realized. Admittedly, not always easy, but interesting, and hmm, time consuming.

Apart from writing an export script, you can consider the following case.

You want to detect a folder, where might be a difference between the tag-fields ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST.
This is an easy task for the Mp3tag Filter ...

"$if($eql(%ARTIST%,%ALBUMARTIST%),1,0)" IS 0

... which displays all tracks, where the content of the tag-field ARTIST is different from the content of the tag-field ALBUMARTIST.

Admittedly, you do see all the detected tracks from within the last list view, not the tracks within their different related folders.

How to display the corresponding home folder of one of these tracks?
For this case I have defined a tool entry in the Mp3tag tool menu, easy accessible by the context menu (keys [Shift]+[F10] or mouse right click).

Name = Load this &folder in Mp3tag
Path =
Parameter = '/fp:"'%folderpath%'"'
For all selected files = []

Once I select a track and invoke the tool "Load this folder in Mp3tag", then Mp3tag displays the list of tracks from within the home folder of the previously selected track.
Do not forget to press [F3] again to deactivate the Mp3tag Filter for this folder view.

To go backward in the history of the list view, press keys [Alt]+[CursorLeft], to go forward press keys [Alt]+[CursorRight].

This approach can make the Mp3tag daily life easier.