Explicit Tags aren't applying automatically in iTunes

I'm relatively new here but I've been making my own explicit tags for about two months now with Mp3tag and just updated to v2.91 today. Since the update, Mp3tag saves my ITUNESADVISORY field with a value of 1 to create the explicit logo but when I drag and drop the updated tags into iTunes, nothing changes. I've tried multiple times and restarted iTunes hoping it was just lagging. Is there an updated way of exporting the tags to iTunes since the update?

Update: No issues now. Oddly, I now have to play a song for iTunes to recognize the change. It won't automatically update anymore

I do not think that iTunes ever has ... there are a number of scripts around to update the iTunes library.
Or: delete the updated tracks from iTunes and re-add them. This should make iTunes see the changes.
Or use the "Information" dialogue in iTunes to read the data.
In general: this is an iTunes problem, has nothing to do with MP3tag.

My previous procedure went (drop files in Mp3tag, edit tags, save, select all in mp3tag, drop in iTunes library)

They would drop back in with the "E" before. Now I have to individually play the songs to change it. I generally only edit an album at a time so it's not much of a nuisance, just wasn't used to it. Anyhoo, I appreciate the quick response!