"Explicit" tags?

Dear Mp3tag Community,

Does Mp3tag have an option to show if a track is tagged as "Explicit"?

Apple Music does it with an "E", Deezer with "Explicit"

It would be nice to be able to identify the tracks easily in compilations.

Happy to hear from you

It's the field ITUNESADVISORY in MP4 files which is set to 1 for tracks marked as explicit. You can define a custom column for that, using this format string as value


Dear Florian,
thank you for your quick reply.
I created a custom column and copy-pasted the format string into "Wert"/value. Nothing is shown as of now however. Do I have to add information in "field" too?

Only if you want to directly edit the field from the file list.

Are you using this with MP4/M4A files? You can check the existence of the ITUNESADVISORY field via the extended tag dialog at Alt+T.

Dear Florian,
thank you... That helped a lot!
I am actually working with FLAC-Files. And those have a field "EXPLICIT" that showed when I used Alt-T.

That opens up a whole new world of possible metadata for me I wasn't aware of. I could also use Mp3tag then to tag single-releases in albums by adding a field "SINGLE" and set it to "1"? I just started working with Serato for DJ purposes. Will need to learn how to use this information there.

Have a great weekend.

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