Explorer Context grab of files

Selecting a group of files then right mouse for the context menu now puts the Program Files (x86) directory as the current directory, not the directory that contained the group of files. The search directory is also the program directory. And once they have been modified, the files can no longer be dragged out of mp3tag and dropped into another folder. Reverted to v2.59a, since I didn't save the 2.6x versions.


What I see:
If you open a set of folders with the WE context menu, MP3tag switches to the root folder of these files.
If you d&d as set of files from WE into Mp3tag, the last folder in that selection is shown in the folder box in the tag panel.
I do not know what a search folder is.
If you refer to the default folder where Mp3tag looks for pictures, check if you have set
Tools>Options>Folders>Folder for album art

To modify the filename or the folder use a "Format value" action for that purpose and not d&d.