Explorer issue after using mp3tag


I use a lot with the excellent mp3tag software.

But sometimes after using the software, such as renaming files and editing tags

After that the folder does not open in the Windows File Explorer and even with the mp3tag it does not open

Is there a solution to this bug?

Thank you.

What do you mean

If you select a folder from within MP3tag then you see only the folder itself but not files in it as the only object that can be opened is a folder. And if there are not further folders in a folder then the last folder appears empty.
If this does not match your observation, then please tell us step by step what to do to reproduce it.

After further and deep examination

It turns out the files are edited using mp3tag software
They do not open in any way, nor can they be transferred from a drive, or sent by email.

It doesn't happen in all files - only sometimes

Sometimes files can initially be used and only after a day happens.

very weird....

As this is an action performed by the OS - where do you see the role of MP3tag? If MP3tag is not running, it is not very likely that it blocks the files.
Do you get any error messages?

You would have to supply more details about the differences between files that work and others that don't.
Also, you would have to make sure that your mass storages are still in working order, you have sufficient access rights, the files that you edit are not corrupt and so on.
Do you use any synchronization software?
But as I doubt that this has actually anything to do with MP3tag and the use of MP3tag is only coincidental with your troubles I do do not think that I can really help you.