Explorer Shell Extension NSIS script?

This has nothing directly to do with mp3tag, but...
i like how the installer does the context menu integration
(without messing up the default program association that is)

I'm a fan of the, also German, mp3 player 1by1 and editor mp3dc.
Great software, like yours, but it lacks such shell integration.

Now i would like to create a similar installer myself, something that:
creates a context menu entry for drives and folders to play with 1by1.exe*
creates a context menu entry for .mp3s to open with 1by1
creates a context menu entry for .mp3 files to edit with mp3dc

*the play directory part is easy to do thru the registry:
@="Open in 1by1"
@=""c:\\Program files\\1by1\\1by1.exe" "%L""

but there's a problem when it comes to single .mp3 files
you can do it, but it messes up the original association

the mp3tag installer checks, and adds the context entry to the right place
How is that done? Any tip or response is appreciated. Thanks.

Also, first post and, mp3tag, great, no, superb software! :slight_smile: