Exporer Tags different than Mp3tag

Sorry if this has been answered before...

I've been using Mp3tag for 5 months or so without a problem and find it to be a great program. Today I noticed that my MP3 player split an album because the album title was different. (this player sorts by tag, not filename).

I opened the files with mp3tag only to find that they were all listed as the same album name. Strange. Looking at it from windows explorer properties, it showed the different album name.

I have found that if I modify anything and save it with mp3tag, it corrects the discrepancy, so I know how to fix the problem. My question is what is explorer looking at that mp3tag apparently doesn't see (or I can seem to be able to display). Doing a Properties on the file or Extended tags in mp3tag only shows the mp3tag version of the discrepancy.

How can I find this in the future without comparing the two?



Hi Wes,

I'm not sure, but maybe the file also has an ID3v1 tag where the artist differs from the ID3v2 tag.

Kind regards,