export a list of albums


Hi there,

does anybody know a way to export a list of albums, e.g. as follows.

artist a - album a
artist a - album b
artist b - album a
artist b - album b








Is it possible to separate artists by a comma? ","


artist1, artist2, artist3


Export multiple album artists without commas


artist1 artist2 artist3

Thanks in advance


is missing the $loopend().
$loop(%artist%,1)%artist% $loopend()
should produce a list of names with no comma in between. WIll be hard to read, though.


Here is my export file

 $loop(%artist%,1) %artist% $loopend()
REMIXERS:</span> $loop(%mixartist%,1) %mixartist% $loopend()

%publisher% - %genre%

But on Various Artist albums, all artist generated without separated by commas

Arude Binaryh Blancah Clawz SG Jobe Kris Davis Mashk Nick Devon Soul Button Soul Button, Nick Devon

I want to see it like:

Arude, Binaryh, Blancah, Clawz SG, Jobe, Kris Davis, Mashk, Nick Devon, Soul Button

Is that possible?

Thank you,


isn't this the same problem as here: