export a list of albums


Hi there,

does anybody know a way to export a list of albums, e.g. as follows.

artist a - album a
artist a - album b
artist b - album a
artist b - album b








Is it possible to separate artists by a comma? ","


artist1, artist2, artist3


Export multiple album artists without commas


artist1 artist2 artist3

Thanks in advance


is missing the $loopend().
$loop(%artist%,1)%artist% $loopend()
should produce a list of names with no comma in between. WIll be hard to read, though.


Here is my export file

 $loop(%artist%,1) %artist% $loopend()
REMIXERS:</span> $loop(%mixartist%,1) %mixartist% $loopend()

%publisher% - %genre%

But on Various Artist albums, all artist generated without separated by commas

Arude Binaryh Blancah Clawz SG Jobe Kris Davis Mashk Nick Devon Soul Button Soul Button, Nick Devon

I want to see it like:

Arude, Binaryh, Blancah, Clawz SG, Jobe, Kris Davis, Mashk, Nick Devon, Soul Button

Is that possible?

Thank you,


isn't this the same problem as here:


this script
gives me unfortunately the following:

artist a
album a
album b

artist b
album a
album b

but i want to have the following:
artist a - album a
artist a - album b
artist b - album a
artist b - album b

OK i found it:
$loop(%artist%,1)%artist%$loop(%album%,1)%artist% - %album%


now i have a solution, but also for each title of a compilation i get a result. how can i create a list of artist - album without the compilations?


I do not know which other data you have - so it could be that you can filter for files that do not have set COMPILATION = 1.
Or you have "Various Artists" as ALBUMARTIST - so filter for this criterion.
Or use ALBUMARTIST instead of ARTIST in your export ...
Or do not include the folder with compilations in the list of files before you start the export.
Things like that.